Travelling by car

As far as our experience go is the most rapid and pleasant route from Central Europe to our tours transits Vienna.

From Vienna via Budapest - Szeged - Nadlac - Arad - Deva until Sebes you must estimate a minimum driving time of up to 8 hours. But this is valid only if you drive feisty, you do not have to wait long at the frontier and if you are on the way without a trailer. If you drive in an unhurried way, you should take into account travel time between 12 and 14 hours (you “loose” an additional hour on the outward journey because of the time difference, but this hour you will catch up on your journey home...)              

Vignette is compulsory on Austrian and Ungarian E1. At the frontier you can “exchange” vignette contra to Euro. Even the toll on the E5 in Hungary can be paid with Euro or credit card. It would be good to have small notes or coins because you get the change in Forint. Even in Romania you have to buy a Vignette that is called “Rovigneta” and can be found in almost all Petrom gas stations.

And now here you can find some practical tips on directions:

On the highway from Viena towards Budapest you have to turn right 15 km before Budapest in the direction of Szeged (please take care that you don’t break the speed limit of 80 km because here at regular intervals is radar control).                

After bypass of Budapest ca. 150 km on the highway follow. Then you drive on a main road through Szeged until you reached the frontier Nagylack-Nadlac. Since Romania is a member of the EU, everything functions rapidly and unsophisticated at the frontier.        

In Hungary a trailer-car has speed limit at 80km hour on the highway and 70 km/h on the main road. Try to avoid to not break the speed limit in Ungarn with more then 40 km/h – otherwise it could be an expensive and time-consuming occasion. If you drive under 40km/h you will be only “recompensed” with a speeding ticket.          

Across Romania you will have to drive on a passable “Europa street” with several main through-roads. The maximum speed for trailer-cars is at 80km/h. Radar control is mainly during main through-road. Even if most of the local inhabitants are racing through villages, we advise caution. Humans are living here and you will loose the entire saved time if you have to pay a speeding ticket.

Please be careful by night: not all participants to the traffic do have illumination (for example horse drawn-vehicle and bikers) and especially on weekends or on holidays there are a lot of alcoholized pedestrians on the way. We always try to drive this part by day.    

Another tip: if you travel more then from Austria or South Germany, it would be good to arrange a overnight stay along the route.                            

And: please announce if you travel alone, then we can place a car passenger or we can find you a place in another car.


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