Traveling by bus or by train

Arrival by bus or by train

In this case too you have the possibility to choose between public and private transport. Let's begin with the regular bus:

This is a cost-effective and stress-free possibility of taking the journey especially for the ones traveling alone - if they are ready to put up with a few more hours of traveling. Thanks to the lively transport of foreign workers, there are several buses every day from most of the larger towns in Romania to the larger towns and cities in the West. These buses are quite comfort-able and so is the price (depending on the distance, the round trip is around 100 €). One must however prove to be very patient: the journey Sibiu - München for example takes almost 24 hours.

The train variant is a little bit more expensive and on your way to Sebes or Sibiu, cities that have both a train station, you will have to switch train in Vienna. From Vienna there is a very comfortable night train with sleeper and couchette. This train will arrive in Alba Iulia, that is 15 minutes distanced from our starting point in Petersdorf / Petresti.

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