Xventure booking conditions

1. Registration, Confirmation

The travel registration can be made in written form or by e-mail. The travel contract is valid only after the registration was confirmed by the travel agency.

By closing the travel contract, the organizer as well as the client will accept the general conditions of the contract.

2. Payment

After the client receives an invoice from Xventure he is required to make the payment.

3. Changes

Mistakes and printing errors as well as changes in the program are strictly subjects to change without notice.

4. Cancel/Rebooking by the client

The client can cancel the journey anytime before its beginning, by sending a written explanation. The cancel declaration is to be sent to the travel agency. The travel agency can request global payments for canceling from the client, as follows:

Up to 40 days before journey start:

50% of the down payment

Up to 20 days before journey start:

30% of the down payment

Up to 19 days before journey start:

no payment

The client can give his seat to another person before the journey starts.

5. Cancel by the organizer

The organizer can cancel the contract until up to four weeks before the journey, if: the journey is endangered or greatly hindered by a higher power, weather conditions, strikes or other unpredictable events.

We also reserve the right to interrupt and cancel a journey if it can’t continue due to one of the already mentioned reasons.

6. Liability

The travel agency is liable for conscientious work in preparing the journey and respecting the conditions of the contract.
The agency denies liability for:
- Accidents during the journey. During this form of sports journey, each client is responsible for his own actions, especially his driving habits as well as estimating his own skills.
- Damage or theft of luggage or valuables.


7. Obligation to cooperate

The client has the obligation to cooperate if service disturbance should occur, as well as to keep damage low. The client has especially the obligation to share his complaints with the travel agency. If the client avoids by his own fault to send his written complaint to the agency during one month of the event, he loses every right for compensation.

8. Regulations

The client is responsible to obey the regulations regarding passport, visa, customs, device and health.

9. Copyrights

The participants agree that pictures, video or audio recordings of and with them, taken during the Xventure program will be used by Xventure Srl and its partners for publicity purposes.

10. Vehicle Rent

The client has the obligation to treat the rented vehicles with great care and use them only for their purpose. If there will be damage to the vehicle during the journey, and it can not be repaired, there will be no requests to repay the travel costs, regardless of the client’s fault. The travel agency will try its best to replace the damaged vehicle as soon as possible.

11. Declaration of Liability Denial

The client agrees to the following declaration by registering to the journey:
I am aware of the dangers of driving motorbikes, ATV, mountain-bikes and cars on and off roads. I take the risk of making this journey. I agree that there is no responsibility for the agency X-Venture S.r.l. or its service representatives and coworkers in the case of damage to persons, object and properties as well as other occurring disturbance due to higher power. The agency is not liable to damage and accidents resulting from technical faults of the rented vehicles. I am also aware of the fact that X-Venture S.R.L is not liable for default behavior of group members. I commit myself to obey the traffic rules as well as the rules of group traveling and not to damage people or nature with my behavior or the vehicle I use. I am generally healthy, satisfy the requirements of the tour and own a valid motorbike registration license (only for drivers on motorbike tours), respectively a driving certificate (only for drivers on 4x4 tours). I am responsible for carrying enough protective clothes.

12. Gerichtsstand

The court of jurisdiction for both sides will be Sibiu/Romania.


13. Travel Agency

X-Venture S.R.L
Str. Cetatii nr. 34
Sibiu - Romania