Traveling by plane

Arrival by plane

You have the possibility to fly with different lines. The ideal destination airport is Sibiu: some of our tours are starting from here (for ex. Base camp Sibiu) and also our race Red Bull Romaniacs. The car drive from Sibiu to Sebes takes between half an hour and one hour and costs 30 € per ride (for max. three persons). The airport Sibiu is in the meantime an International Airport that was built in 2007 and different airlines fly daily.

In Bucharest you will find a lot of airlines offering international flights. Partly you can find very cheap offers. Also you have daily a flight from Bucharest to Sibiu. Another option could be taking a Mercedes-cab (maximum three persons) from Bucharest to Sibiu. The drive will take between three and four hours and costs 130 € per drive; to Sebes it takes between four and five hours and you pay for it 150 €. We are glad to organize your trip to Romania.

We also can offer you a direct flight with a private airplane. Depending on the number of persons there will be utilized either an airplane propeller or a Lear Jet. You have to announce how many persons, when and where should be picked up and we will handle the rest. Our pilot is also an off-road-driver and connoisseur of Romania.                

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