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ATV Adventure weeks in Romania with Martin Freinademetz

Soft hill landscapes with evergreen meadows wherever you look. Never ending forests with long, free cutting forest tracks. You admire the rough, impressive rock walls of the Carpathian Mountains and their rocky, narrow paths, climbing in serpents up in the mountain. The off-road paradise Romania offers modestly a great experience in nature, something you can hardly find in Europe. The snowboard legend Martin Freinademetz has driven thousands of kilometers in the last 10 years around Sibiu, Alba and Hunedoara and knows this part of the Carpathians like no one else. For the multiple winner of snowboard Pro-Tour and double snowboard world champion, the off-road sport from snow-mobile to the 6x6 truck was the preferred training of coordination and balance. The training soon grew into passion, and Martin tested his limits in international hardcore competitions like Erzberg and the Roof of Africa with respectable results. In the winter of 1990 Freinademetz made his first experience with ATV’s in the dunes of the Baja California in Mexico. Today, he uses the ATV as a tool, to supply his remote cottages during hard weather but also to have fun in the wilderness of the Carpathians.

Appointments only for groups on request.

ATV around Sibiu

Sibiu is the ideal starting point for investigation drives around the site. The entire region around Sibiu is in continuous improvement and because Sibiu will be in 2007 the European Cultural Capital, everywhere you look, there are modernization and improvement works in full development. The restaurants and the night life is perfectly adapted to middle-European standards. But if you drive out of the city, for about 20 km, you feel as if time has lapsed back for 50 years. The plough is still worked with bulls and on the meadows you can see grazing sheep. After talking to local authorities, the drivers are very welcome here. The site and the roads are of different quality and difficulty; every rider will find what he likes.


  • 5 Pers: 530 Euro / PERSON
  • 4 Pers: 550 Euro / PERSON
  • 1 Pers: 680 Euro

Performances – Tours in Sibiu

  • Tour with professional attendance in small groups
  • 6 nights spent in double bedrooms with breakfast
  • Mechanics / spare part service in Sibiu


1. Day: Meeting at Rasinari/Petresti. 21:00 briefing for drivers.
2. Day: Drive through the site with trail test in order to estimate each driver’s abilities.
3. Day: Drive to the Saxon-Churches (100 % offroad).
4. Day: Long distance trip to one of our stations.
5. Day: Second trip to the top of the mountain.
6. Day: Drive across the Transylvanian hills towards Dracula’s castle. Goodbye evening in Sibiu.
- Depending on the weather the guide can change the tour.

ATV Info

Rent ATV possible.

Requirements ...

Passport or identification documents for EU citizen, exhaust facilities according to standards, documents for vehicles including green card, vehicle identification papers, new tires, protection gear. In case of not registered ATV attestation of ownership is necessary.