Traveling towards an Xventure-week in Romania

Romania is for most of the people a very nice piece farther away than the nearest gravel pit. Yet the longer driving time truly pays off - you can take my word for it - having in mind the fact that the terrain in the Carpathians is obviously much vaster, more diverse and exciting than any other gravel pit in the world.

My family and I travel several times a year to Romania - mostly starting from Innsbruck. As far as traveling there is concerned we have already tried almost everything out: car, plane and even bus. This is why I am able to give you a few tips. When we travel without our children my wife and I drive alternatively and we manage the entire distance during daytime. If we take our children with us we prefer flying (München - Sibiu) or we drive with sufficient Red Bull and have a night shift. I would nevertheless not recommend you to drive alone and especially not in one sequence. For a single driver the distance is simply too big. In our case an "individual drive" doesn't pay off, having in mind that the flight München - Sibiu costs approximately the same as 2500 km of gas and toll.

Here a few travel tips: