Clutch Control

Stopping and carrying on driving on the slope without braking, only by using the clutch

As it is more pleasant to let the bike work rather than putting one's shoulder to the wheel it is above all important to get to know how to handle the clutch and the effect of its control on the bike.

Exercises on a steep area of approximately 20° (dismiss all brakes from your thoughts). To warm up drive up the hill, decelerate until you come to a standstill, keep your feet on the foot rest and start up again. Repeat several times and then:


stop on the same spot only by using acceleration and clutch.


Without using the brakes only acceleration and clutch drive 1 m forward and then roll back again.


Start up abruptly with spinning tires. After 1 m stop and roll back.


Start up abruptly and lift front tire approximately 50 cm (wheely). Stop and roll back.

Repeat these exercises a few times to become one with your clutch.

Attention: don't practice forever. The engine becomes overheated and the clutch can get burned down.

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